Your Questions Answered

What can I expect to achieve with Fit for Life?

Ultimately, your results will reflect your own hard work.  However, effort is only one ingredient,
and by training with Chris you can be sure you're doing the right things at the right times in
order to accomplish maximum results. 
The goals you set are likely to be personal to you - what is it you really want to achieve?

  • Manage or eliminate weight-related problems such as diabetes or heart disease?
  • Maximise your achievements in your chosen sport?
  • Get back into a wardrobe of clothes which no longer fit?
  • Become more active and keep up with the kids?
  • Feel more confident in your appearance and self-image?
  • Live a healthier lifestyle and achieve more balance in life?
  • Relieve stress and find an outlet for the strains of a busy job?

We're all different, but Chris has the understanding and experience in personal training to help
you, whatever your goals.  Start your journey today and give him a call to book a free

I’m overweight, and find it difficult to exercise. Can Chris really help?

Absolutely.  Starting an exercise programme when you're overweight can be a daunting
prospect, and you may feel there are lots of obstacles in your way.  However, Chris has over
20 years' experience working with people of all abilities, and will produce a programme that
suits your needs. Don't let anything deter you from getting fit and healthy!

Do I need to buy any expensive kit?

No. All you need to work out with Fit for Life is a pair of trainers and some suitable clothing.
Chris will bring all the equipment needed along with him.

Will you try to sell me supplements?

Absolutely not.  Chris says "like a lot of personal trainers, I often get approached by
organisations asking me to endorse or sell their nutritional aids.  I always refuse.  It's
important to me that all the advice I give is based on my own experience and knowledge and
nothing else."
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