"I have worked with Chris as my personal trainer for over two years and highly recommend his practical approach to training. He is competent and knowledgeable and takes the time to plan varied sessions incorporating different training methods, something I particularly value as I've never had the same routine twice!"

"Chris ensures that my fitness level is challenged in each session and motivates me to push past my comfort zone to achieve results and progress. He offers an ideal mix of no-nonsense but supportive training, and promotes a positive 'can do' attitude towards exercise, working with me to offer encouragement to help me overcome my perceived limits.  If you're serious about changing your health and fitness for the better, Chris is definitely the trainer for you."
                         "Even though I have trained with Chris for 6 years I have never been bored due to the variety of ways Chris facilitates the workouts; no two training sessions have ever been the same.  Chris is an excellent motivator, is always cheerful, and builds in a element of fun (if that is the right word) to all of his workouts."
                  "As a managing director of a very busy company I struggle to find time and inspiration to stick to a training regime.  Having Chris as my personal trainer is just what I need to keep me going, and working out with a personal trainer is nothing like working out on your own."


What Chris' Clients Say

Warning! Extra press-ups may have been threatened in the making of this web page!
Chris M
                         "He puts me through hell and then takes my money!  But seriously, just before I hit 40, I wanted to get fitter, I was going to the gym but going through the motions of a work out.  I trained with Chris and loved the results, I felt better and I had more energy.  I decided to continue with the sessions, and I have now been training with Chris for over 3 years." 

"I would highly recommend Chris as a personal trainer.  I am 50 this year, and I used to be one of those people who read a magazine on the cross trainer - not any more!  Now I have an hour twice a week of fully focussed attention, where I am often pushed to my limits.  I look forward to my sessions and feel energised and stronger in myself for doing them.  But don't tell him that!"  
"I've been involved in sport all my life and trained to a very high level but then life has a way of getting in the way.  In the last 10 years I have tried working out on my own with varying degrees of success. My fitness levels and my weight have yo-yoed constantly!  Chris has a massive understanding of the science behind physical condition and I promise you that you will have not worked out more effectively or efficiently before. In the first 3 minutes of the very first session I instantly knew I hadn't been working out properly for years"
"The sessions are always fun, well structured and motivational. This way of training is so much better than working on your own and Chris is always there to push you that bit harder. Thanks Chris"
                         "I have been training with Chris for over a year now.  My goal was to strengthen my core which I hoped would resolve a shoulder/ back problem.  Chris assessed my condition and tailored the training plan to address my aims.  I feel so much better for all the work we do and my back/ shoulder problems have now gone."
                  "I've been training with Chris for nearly 4 years now and to say I enjoy every session would be an over statement!  However, Chris has managed to keep me motivated and somehow I end up booking my usual sessions with him week after week!"
"Being a keen skier and horse rider Chris tailor-makes the sessions to ensure maximum concentration on core areas for these sports.  I honestly believe that my sessions with Chis keep me mentally more agile and definitely physically fit to enjoy the other pursuits that I love also.
                     "Chris is a great Instructor and Personal Trainer."
"He has helped me on my journey to achieving my fitness and weight loss goals.  During our training sessions he always encourages and motivates me to keep going even when I feel I have reached my limit"  
                     "I have been using Chris for the past 3 years on a regular basis and since starting my sessions with him my fitness has improved beyond measure. I struggled to carry out more than a few minutes of light exercise previously.  I now have a 1-year-old son, and without Chris I would not be able to run up and down the garden with him continuously as he demands!"

"I particularly like and enjoy the flexible approach that Chris adopts in using a variety of different fitness technique every session; this means the workout is never boring or repetitive.  Without the help, encouragement and support of Chris, I would likely be a lot more unfit and inflexible than I am now. 
Thank you Chris."
"Chris has helped me meet my fitness goals to allow me to take on multiple ski trips, half marathons and we are working towards a Triathlon this year.  As an asthmatic the training has made a real difference to how this effects my life, with quicker recovery and less use of my medication as I have become fitter and stronger."

"Chris has made a real difference to my life and helped me achieve goals I thought were outside my reach before I started training with him.  If you want to train, get Chris the trainer, you won't regret it!"
                      "What can I say, Chris always arrives in great spirits with a tailored plan and leaves with a smile and even a laugh - especially if you give him a cup of tea at a the start of the session!  You, on the other hand, are more likely to need a good shower, as Chris will ensure your session is a complete workout!"         
                 "I was referred to Chris by a member of staff at the gym, when I mentioned I was looking for help and advice on losing weight and getting fit.  Since starting my sessions with Chris I've lost 2.5 stones!  Chris is not just a personal trainer running you through a set of exercises - he understands how the body works and your nutritional needs to meet your own fitness and weight loss goals."

"Each session with Chris is unique and specific to you, so you're not doing the same exercise or routine week after week.  He puts you through your paces, has the ability to motivate you, and pushes you to complete the exercises even if they do seem impossible!  By investing in Chris you are investing in your health and your future!"
"I used to think having a personal trainer was an extravagance, but in reality it is money well spent, as I am investing in my health and well being"
                       "We all lead incredibly busy lives and finding the time and motivation to exercise can be tough so, for me, it is quite simple really.  Seeing Chris as my personal trainer ensures I exercise."
"His energy, enthusiasm and commitment is catching and his expertise has seen me drop 4 dress sizes; get fit (and enjoy doing so); and rehabilitate following a pretty significant operation.  My sincere thanks to you Chris."
                       "I am a sixth degree international instructor in Taekwon-do and I find Chris's expertise invaluable to me.
When I need improvement in specific aspects of my training, he has the broad knowledge to get me where I need to be, recently helping me to prepare for my 6th degree promotion."
"On several occasions I have invited Chris to assist in my Taekwon-do class. His teaching style and fresh approach bring a whole new angle to our sessions and I would highly recommend Chris to anyone wishing to attain their goals no matter how big or small. "
"Chris has made a real difference to my life"  Justin
"his expertise has seen me drop 4 dress sizes..and rehabilitate following an operation" Wendy
"the sessions are always fun, well structured and motivational"  Chris M
"since starting my sessions with Chris my fitness has improved beyond measure"  Aaron
"I'm investing in my health and well being"  Stephan
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