Top 5 tips for improving your fitness

Can't wait to get started?

Here are a few simple ideas to help you start improving your health and fitness straightaway

1.  Move more

Sounds simple...and it is!  Taking every opportunity you can to move more - walk rather than drive, take the stairs rather than the lift, stand rather than sit down - is a great foundation for getting fitter.  Using a pedometer is a good way of motivating yourself, and competing against a friend is even better!

2.  Eat better

Constant dieting is no fun for anyone, and often doesn't work long term.  It's far better to give yourself the tools for choosing the right foods.  If you make eating good, nutritious, unprocessed food a big part of your normal routine you can improve your health and lose weight very naturally.  Do some research - remember the more you understand about the food you eat the easier it is to make the right choices.  Here's a good place to start:

3.  Keep it varied

You'll get the best results if you keep your exercise sessions varied.  With a bit of know-how the possibilities are endless - just take a look at my clients' comments about their sessions! 

4.  Set goals

Identifying what fitness goal you want to achieve can help move you towards it.  It might be a big goal - run a marathon, pass a medical for a uniformed job - or a small one - do 10 press-ups in a row, run a mile without stopping - it doesn't matter, just work out what your next success will look like.  One of the many advantages of working out with Chris is that he helps you to set your goals, and he always plans and makes a record of your sessions so you both know exactly how well you're progressing.

5.  Have fun!

OK, so the truth is if you want to get fit you need to put the work in, but it can be great fun too.  If you can find an activity you particularly enjoy, or you have a friend to work out with and encourage each other this can really help.

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